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Is my space big enough to have a homebirth?

Midwives have caught babies in all kind of homes: apartments, house boats, in-laws, and attics.  

What about the noise? 

The sounds of labor are often subtle, low moans, akin to love making. Likely your neighbors will be hearing your baby more than your labor. 

What about the mess? 

Homebirth midwives leave your homes tidy. At a homebirth your beds and floors are protected, and when we leave there's a bag of garbage and a load of laundry.

Who has a homebirth?

Homebirth is a safe option for healthy, low-risk people. It's universal and sought out by people who want to be engaged in their care and have autonomy in birth. Birthing rights are human rights and we support a womb-keeper’s choice in childbirth. 

Who can I have at my homebirth? 

Supportive humans and favorite pets. 

Can I have a water birth?

Yes, water can be very relaxing in labor. We provide referrals for rental services and support water birth when it’s the best option. 

What about safety?

A healthy mother and baby are primary goals for your midwife. This screening begins in prenatal care and carries over to your birth and postpartum. Midwives carry medications and supplies to support low-risk healthy pregnancies in the home setting. Extensive research demonstrates the safety of homebirth.

Is a birth center a middle ground between hospital and home? 

Giving birth at a birth center is akin to having your baby in someone else’s house. Homebirth midwives have all the same equipment and medications as free standing birth centers, and we bring it to you.

Aren’t hospitals cleaner than my house?

The germs in your home are familiar to your immune system posing very little risk to you and your baby, and actually benefitting your baby’s microbiome. The rates of infection are greatly increased in hospitals. 

Can I have pain meds at home?

Folks tend to be much more relaxed and confident at home.  In  hospital birth, environmental challenges inhibit the cocktail of hormones and endorphins that make birth happen. The security of your own space with people you know optimizes your ability to cope with the work of labor. Not to be underestimated are the supportive benefits of comforting massage, freedom of movement, hot water, food and liquid and your midwife’s reassurance. 

If I choose homebirth can I still receive services like ultrasounds and genetic testing?

Fortunately, Bay Area homebirth midwives have built and maintain collegial professional relationships with many facilities and providers. We know how to skillfully facilitate the utilization of ultrasounds, antenatal testing, and genetic testing if needed or requested. 

If I choose homebirth do I also need to see a doctor?

Some clients choose to only see a homebirth midwife, while others decide to do a few visits with a hospital-based provider. Another option is full concurrent care where clients mirror their midwifery care with a hospital provider throughout their pregnancy. Your constellation of providers is what feels best for you. 

How much is a homebirth?

Homebirth in the Bay Area ranges from $5000 and goes up to $7500, with many midwives offering a sliding scale to accommodate all financial needs. A homebirth care package includes all prenatal (either in your home or an office), birth, and postpartum care. When you hire a homebirth midwife you get the benefit of continuity of care, a provider who knows you and is readily available for questions and concerns, as well as transparency of healthcare costs. 

Will my insurance cover homebirth?

If you have a PPO your insurance will likely cover your homebirth at the out-of-network rate. We work with billing specialists to help facilitate this. Reimbursement is not available for HMO, MediCal, or Kaiser insurance. Many midwives are available for need based payment plans or discounts. 

How do I get a birth certificate and social security number if I have a homebirth? 

Your midwife will provide the paperwork and walk you through the process of getting your baby’s birth certificate. From there, you can register for your baby’s SSN.