A Call to Rise

Our manifesto.

Photo by  Samantha Noel

Photo by Samantha Noel


We, the San Francisco Homebirth Collective midwives, gather because we hear the call to rise. We believe that midwifery is a powerful way to contribute to our community’s health and wellness. Tending to and creating spaces for women and life-bringers to heal and thrive is essential to healthy families and community.

We rise for the health and well-being of San Francisco, our home, our community. We commit to a healthcare model founded in education, resourcing, informed choices, and rightful self responsibility. We cultivate deeply rooted and connected support systems. We advocate sovereignty and righteous love, and champion the power in the people to care for Self, each other and humanity.

This is a call to rise, San Francisco, as the womb carriers and life-givers. Rise for Self. Rise for our babies. Rise for our city.